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Who is this Masterclass Series for?


Here's the thing,

I am completely different than I was a few years ago.

And my understanding of this work is completely different.

And my desires for myself inside of this work is different.

And in the beginning, I worked with everyone.

And that was perfect for me then.

And this offer is different.

This isn't meant for everyone.

It's truly meant for you if you see that you already are worthy of everything. 

Safe Leadership

It’s time to lead from a place of emotionally mature leadership, instead of from our past wounding. We often resort to defense mechanisms when challenged. In this module, you’ll learn what safe leadership means for you, and how you can begin to lead from this place.


Integrity to ourselves FIRST is imperative in leadership. We need to be self-led and true to our own word before we can effectively lead others. If you continuously honor your word to others at the expense of yourself, this module is for you. 

External Validation

Do you notice yourself seeking approval from others all the time? Being a leader means getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, and living in uncertainty. It means you aren’t controlled by others and the need for validation. You have the self-esteem to make moves in your life without looking for praise at every turn. Anyone can cultivate this type of self-esteem and leadership. It’s time to learn how and move away from the old paradigm. 

Vulnerability & Truth

Feminine energy leadership is on the rise, and is so much needed. Leading with heart and vulnerability does not make us weak leaders, it makes us relatable and effective. But, there’s a difference between mature vulnerability and oversharing. Learn the difference in this module and how you can make these adjustments in your life and leadership. 

Does This Sound Like You?

In fact, you don't need any of this at all.... 

And you desire it anyway!

Because you are passionate about what's possible for you and you want to play in an entirely different field of creation.

You are ready to play at a new level.

Because what else are you going to do?

Stopping isn't an option.

And there aren't that many places to have this conversation.

So I'm creating it.

It's a full-body-yes kind of energy.

Because you're a full-body-yes kind of person. 


I'm ready! Reserve My Spot.